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Bibliotek Rosenhof Dynekilgata

Opening hours in the library

The library has regular opening hours from the Autumn and is open every weekday; on Mondays it is open in the evening. There may be changes, so check the website and info-screens regularly.

In the library

It is now possible to use the sofa and PCs in the library and sit at the desks to study. To reduce the risk of infection, always use hand-sanitizer when you enter and leave the library.

Library card

You must have a library card to be able to borrow from the library. If you do not have a library card, ask the librarian to make one for you. Remember to bring your personal identification with a photo. You can use a library card from another library, but you must have it registered with us before it can be used. Always bring your library card with you!

Borrowing books
All students at Rosenhof VOS can borrow textbooks and other books from the library. Take good care of all the books you borrow and remember to return them on time. You must return your textbooks when you have either finished the course, left school or if your class starts using another textbook.

Take extra care of everything you borrow and remember to return it on time. If you lose a book, write in it with a marker pen/ballpoint pen or the book is water-damaged, you must buy the book and give it to the librarian, or pay NOK 500. You cannot keep the book that you are replacing.

Loan period

Textbooks: the entire course period
Books and audiobooks: 4 weeks
DVD: 1 week

You can renew a book if it is not reserved by another user. If you forget to return books on time, you will get a reminder by SMS or e-mail. If after 2 messages the books still haven’t been returned, you will receive a letter asking you to replace books that have not been returned.

Search in the library's catalogue here to see what you can borrow from Rosenhof library.

If you want to reserve a book, you can use the online form. You can collect your reservation during the library's opening hours.

If the library is closed, you can return books in one of the two return-boxes. One is located outside the library and the other is outside the Reception.

For more information, read the library’s rules on the website, which are available in seven languages.

Return of books to the library - Summer 2022

All textbooks, word-lists, grammar books and other books you have borrowed from the library must be returned before the summer holidays, even if you will continue classes in the summer - you can borrow books again in the autumn. Your class will go together to the library to return books - you will be informed of the date and time by your teacher.

It is not allowed to write in any books, e.g. underlining, translating or answering written questions. You must erase all pencil-writing so that each book you borrow is in good condition for the next person – this must be done before you return your book. All books are checked upon return; if you do not erase writing, or if books are so water-damaged that they can’t be used again, you will have to pay NOK 500 per book. The librarian decides if books are acceptable for re-use.

If you have written in pen, you will have to buy a replacement book, which should be given to the librarian.

You must return the exact book you borrowed. The barcode on the back of the book is registered to you; if you have swapped a book with another student and are returning someone else’s book, you are still responsible for the book you originally borrowed. Contact the librarian if you are not sure and you want to check if you have the correct book - bring the book to the library as soon as possible.

The deadline for book-returns is the last opening day in the library: 30 th of June. If you haven’t returned books with your class, you will receive a reminder SMS or e-mail. After 2 messages, you will receive a letter requesting payment for books that have not been returned.

You can return books in the grey return-boxes in Dynekilegata 10 and Trondheimsveien 2, up to and including 1 July.