Admission test for B2 courses

Bilde av et tre med gule bilder, og teksten:Opptaksprøve til B2-kurs

Who can take the test?

The entrance exam is for those who have not taken the Norwegian language test and passed the B1 level in all four skills.

You can take the entrance exam even if you are not a participant (student) at Rosenhof. 

Where and when is the test?

There is a test both in the day time and evening time.

Note that these are on two different dates.

Daytime test

The test is on Thursday, September 19 at 12.00 at Oslo VO Rosenhof in Dynekilgata 10.


Evening test

The test is on Monday, September 23 at 17.30 at Oslo VO Rosenhof in Dynekilgata 10.


How do I sign up?

If you go to Rosenhof, sign up via your teacher.

If you do not go to Rosenhof, sign up by emailing Silje Bremseth Asheim.

In the email you must write:

Your name
Date of birth (do not send the full social security number)
DUF number (If you haven't, type "Don't")
Username Feide (If you haven't, type "Don't")
Your mobile number
The email you are using

Registration deadline

To sign up for the daytime test the deadline is Monday, September 16.

To register for the evening test the deadline is Thursday, September 19.


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