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Bergenstest course B2-C1, cancelled

Course objectives

This is the course for you who, by passing the Bergenstest, wants to lay a solid linguistic foundation for further study, work and career in Norway.

The goal is that the participants should build up a good foundation for passing the Bergenstest exam.

Course content

During the course, we work purposefully and intensively on the types of assignments that the written Bergenstest's sub-tests consist of: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar, words and expressions, minutes (report, summary) and written presentations in various genres.

In this way you become familiar with, and confident about how the exam looks like and how it takes place.

Results at Bergenstest: B2 and C1

B2 level opens many doors to working life in Norway. When applying for undergraduate programs through The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, the result B2 on norskprøven or the grade bestått (passed) on all the sub-tests on the Bergen test, is converted to the grade 4 on the Norwegian grading scale, which goes from 0 to 6). If one recieves the grades godt bestått (passed well) which means level C1, of 3-4 sub-tests in the Bergen test, it is converted to grade 5. If one achieves a godt bestått grade (passed well) on all the sub-tests, it is converted to the grade 6.

Skilled teachers

We emphasize that each course participant will receive individual feedback on their written submissions. This helps you to a larger vocabulary and to become safer and better in grammar and sentence building.

Rosenhof has a skilled and experienced teaching staff. The teachers at the Bergenstest course are among the most experienced in the school, and we promise you an educational and intensive course where you also get good opportunities to ask questions and find out things about the Norwegian language that you have always wanted to know!

The course ends just before each Bergenstest.

Admission examination

Anyone who wishes to follow this course must first take a written admission examination. The admission exam is quality assured by teachers with sensor competence from Bergenstest exam. The admission exam is open to everyone. If it shows that you have a language level that suits you, you will enter the course. "A language level that suits" here means that you have a level that is close to B2 / C1, as described in the European framework.

Bergenstest course

There will not be any physical Bergenstest courses until after the Covid pandemic is over. The school offers online courses. 

Admission examination: Monday, 2nd of November at 17:30 in Dynekilgata 10, room 405 lille aula.

Schedule: kl. 17: 00-20: 15 (Mondays, Tuesdays  and Wednesdays)

Price: Approx. NOK 8 100

Bergenstest, examination date: 
16th of January 2021