Registration for Bergenstest course

Next admission test

You do not need to register for the admission test, and you can take the exam before you are registered in Oslo adult education. The entrance examination is Monday, November 2 at 17.30 at Oslo VO Rosenhof in Dynekilgata 10.

You must bring a valid ID (photo ID).

The entrance examination takes a maximum of three hours.

Content of the admission test

The admission test takes a maximum of three hours and addresses the following topics:

Reading comprehension
Listening comprehension
Writing an essay

Bergenstest course


Admission test: Monday, 2nd of November at 17:30 in Dynekilgata 10, room 405 lille aula. Read more about the entrance exam here.

Schedule: kl. 17: 00-20: 15 (Mondays, Tuesdays  and Wednesdays)

Price: Approx. NOK 8 100

Bergenstest, examination date: 
16th of January 2021