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Norwegian courses B2

Level B2

Being at a B2 level in Norwegian means that you have a good vocabulary related to your own daily life, in addition to your own subject area. You can give lectures on topics related to your own daily life, but also about politics, the environment and the media. You can give instructions and messages, and understand some Norwegian dialects. You should be able to critically evaluate texts and use different learning strategies as needed. You can write texts in various genres, such as minutes, abstracts and argumentative texts.

Who can attend B2 courses?

Participants with the right and obligation to Norwegian training can continue their training up to level B2 within the framework of the obligatory 600 hours. B1 level training that takes place outside the 600 hours must be paid by the participant himself.

To participate in the course you must be at B1 level, either by documenting  norskprøven with B1 result, or passing an internal B1 test at the school. 


B2 courses Autumn 2020

B2-cours, daytime
31st of August – 23rd of September
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Price: 3400,-

26th of August – 25th of September
Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday
Price 4200,-

B2-cours, evening
31st of August – 23rd of September
Mondays and Wednesdays
Price: NOK 2700,-