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Online Bergenstest course

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Entrance examination

The entrance examination takes place online, and anyone who enrolls will receive more information about the exam during August.

Course duration

31st of August 2020 until 16th of October 2020

Course start                                                                                                                           

31st of August 2020

Registration deadline

20th of August 2020

Deadline for submitting the entrance exam

24th of August 2020


NOK 6200,- 

Registration for courses

Passed entrance examination gives access to courses online. Registration for the admission test to Bergenstestkurs online is open.

Content and goals

The goal is that the participants pass the Bergenstest exam. Passing the Bergenstest provides a good basis for further studies, work and careers in Norway.

We give you a thorough preparation in the five disciplines of "Bergen test exam": reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar, minutes (record writing) and written assignments in different genres. That way you will be confident about what the test is all about, as well as expanding your vocabulary and becoming safer and better on grammar and sentence building.

The tasks of the course are interactive and in addition to a number of example tests, also include grammartopics with assignments, advice on style and minutes (record writing) writing and relevant newspaper articles with assignments. In addition to doing the self-correcting tasks, you submit papers and written assignments where you get feedback by a supervisor. In this way you will receive a full feedback on where you are in relation to the level required for the exam.

You must expect to work up to 6-12 hours per week with the course, or at your own request and need.

You will get a personal supervisor who is a teacher at Oslo VO Rosenhof. Rosenhof has a skilled and experienced teaching staff, and the teachers who are tutors on the BT courses are among the school's most experienced.

To attend the course, you must pass an entrance examination. The entrance examination takes place online.