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How to apply

Registration for Norwegian course A1-B2 in the school's premises

First time registration

For first time registration, please contact the Oslo VO Service Center. Registration of new participants requires a personal attendance. It is open for search Monday-Thursday, but only Mondays are open for drop-in. You should therefore book an hour in advance. Fill out this form to book an appointment. 

Participants who have already taken a course in Oslo Adult Education
Participants who have already taken a course at Oslo VO Rosenhof, Helsfyr or Skullerud can contact Rosenhof via email (remember to mark the email with Rosenhof) or phone 22 38 77 00.

Registration at Bergenstestkurs online

To get a seat at Bergenstestkurs online, Rosenhof requires a passed entrance examination that is taken at the school's premises, in addition to regular registration at the Norwegian course. You can attend the entrance exam before you are registered in Oslo VO. Read more about the Bergenstestkurs here. 

Registration for online courses

To get a seat on Bergenstestkurs online, a passing exam is required online. The registration for Bergenstestkurs online is only done on the school's website, not at the Oslo VO Service Center. You can read more about the online Bergenstestkurs here.