Nordplus Horizontal 2017–2019

About this course

The Cultural Competency open online course is now open for registration within the edX network. The Cultural Competency course is free of charge and is the output of a Nordplus Horizontal project. People can register to the course anytime.

The course is open to participants from different parts of the world, which creates a cross-cultural learning and teaching environment. Already there are 600 persons registered from 82 countries!

Background info

Rosenhof was so fortunate to be a part of the work which was developed by a great team of researchers from the University of Oslo, University of Iceland, University of Gothenburg, University of Helsinki, Aalborg University, RISEBA University (Latvia) and Municipality staff and teachers in Reykjavik, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Municipalities and universities are facing new and complex challenges in adjusting their services to an ever changing environment of increased diversity, fragmentation and globalization. The core objective of the project is to develop an e-course in cultural competency training, specifically aimed at educating personnel of universities and municipalities that will be available to them in their own language. The course is designed to increase the employee's knowledge on different cultures and cultural norms.

It will furthermore foster the employees awareness of their own culture, promote positive attitudes towards other cultures among the employees and teach appropriate skills in cultural competency, based on the experience of the different sectors and countries.


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